How to take the perfect dab

                                          How to take the perfect dab

Ever taken a dab too hot? It can be a very uncomfortable situation. Non-stop coughing, dab sweats, your lungs feel like they’re in a vice. But luckily we have some tips to help you out. 

Temperature - Temperature is key when it comes to dabbing. Too hot and you can hurt yourself as well as ruin your banger. Too cold and you will have to re-torch, potentially making the hit too hot. Temperatures can also determine the flavor of your dab. So how do you know if you’re taking your wax dabs at the right temp?

A simple rule of thumb is torch your quartz banger for 30 second and then let your banger sit for a minute. You can do this easily with the timer on your phone. This formula seems to be just right for the perfect hit on your rigs.

There are also laser thermometers that work well with a glass banger or quartz banger. You can buy these thermometers at any hardware store or online. You heat up your banger, point the laser thermometer at the dab banger and it will tell you the temperature. For a nice smooth hit you want to be at around 350-450 degrees fahrenheit. 

Dab Rigs - Having the right glass dab rig really helps when it comes to the perfect dab. And personally I like smaller dab rigs. The less time the smoke has to travel from the banger to my taste buds the more flavor that smoke is going to have. And that’s really what I’m going for in a good dab. The correct flavor, long lasting hits, and not clouding up my banger.

Bangers - Bangers are important when it comes to temperature control. quartz bangers or glass bangers hold heat very well and evenly. This makes for a consistent temperature around the entire banger, great for long lasting hits at low temperatures. When picking a banger you just want to make sure it has been finished properly. Otherwise it could start to deteriorate fast.

Dab Mats - Dabbing can be messy, and part of the perfect hit is the perfect clean up.I suggest using a silicone dab mat to put your sticky dab tools on. Silicone doesn’t hold the wax and is as easy to clean off as using a paper towel and hot water. This is a way better option than letting the wax potentially ruin your table.  

Hopefully these tips helped you figure out how to take a better dab. You can find all your smoking accessory needs at